About Me!

Hello Parents and Welcome to a new school year!

Really hoping that your summer was filled with fun, learning and plenty of family time.  This summer, at St. Philip’s Academy was filled with many exciting trips, lessons and events.  We all had a great time seeing each other dance, run, learn and so much more.  As we get ready for another great school year,  I would like to share with you about my passion for teaching.

I have been teaching for some time now and every year I look forward to educating/nurturing  the new incoming class.  This is done in various ways that enrich your child as a whole.  Our classroom atmosphere becomes safe and educational with the help of each child.  Each lesson is geared toward enriching and continuing to challenge each one at their level.  I truly hope that you will join us this school year to partake in our great learning.

I am super excited to be moving up this year to teach one of two fourth grades. This will be a year filled with much to do and to continue to grow both academically and socially.  The best part is that our growth needs three important components; your child, you and me.  There is a lot of research that suggests best practices on how to be involved and how to be a strong supportive parent in your child’s classroom.  The best practices are to be consistent, supportive and understanding of  your child’s developmental growth.

There will be many opportunities throughout the school year to communicate about your child’s progress.  Looking forward to working closely with you and your child.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and I will see you soon!



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